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My name is Stefano and I am pleased to welcome anyone who comes to visit my amateur weather website. It was born in March 2014 as a result of my interest in meteorology and the desire to offer to anyone who enters the chance to explore the real time weather conditions in Cogoleto, through collected visualization of information such as "temperature", "relative humidity", "barometric pressure", "intensity and direction of the wind", "presence and amount of rain" and many others. I also prepared and activated a static position webcam, in  a very favourable location, that allows you to have a panoramic view of the town, the sea, the hills and the sky. The access to the website in its entirety is completely free, after reading and understanding of the "disclaimer" and "privacy policy", and the navigation is simple and intuitive but in case of difficulties please e-mail me without any hesitation using the form in the "Contatti" page. If you like you can leave a comment in the "Guestbook".

Enjoy your tour!

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